What do the fees include?

Residential care fees vary according the size and amenities of one’s bedroom and the level of care needed.  They include accommodation, personal care, all meals, laundry and the provided activities and outings.  (There are extra charges for hairdressing, chiropody, newspapers and private phone lines).

Weekly fees are discussed and agreed with the Registered Manager when a resident is assessed before coming to stay with us.

For respite care fees are similarly discussed and agreed once we have assessed the needs of the person coming to us for care.

Our Registered Manager is always happy to explain our fees and advise on funding care costs.

Do you charge ‘top up fees’?

When a resident’s care is funded by a Local Authority, there is sometimes a shortfall in the weekly amount that the Local Authority will pay.  In this case, the resident or their family usually pays a ‘top up fee’ for residential care at Pinehurst.

What is ‘personal care’?

This is assistance from carers with things that people may find difficult – such as walking, managing stairs, dressing, washing, having a bath or shower, personal hygiene, eating.  Some residents require greater levels of personal care than others.

Do you offer dementia care?

Yes, our staff are trained and experienced in caring for people who have forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

Can a resident bring possessions from home?

Yes, we recommend that people bring some smaller personal items to make their bedroom feel familiar and homely.  However, any furnishings or electrical items have to conform to fire/safety regulations.

Do you cater for special diets?

Yes, in most cases our cooks can provide meals tailored to special requirements.  For example – diabetic, vegetarian, soft or pureed food.